Best Irish Casinos

With the passing of time, more and more online casinos are being developed daily. We understand that there is much competition out there and it can sometimes be hard trying to decide which of these casinos to choose. So instead of spending hours on the internet searching for the best possible casinos why not let us do the searching for you? We have selected the best online casinos that either provide opportunities or fully accommodate residents of the Republic of Ireland. These online casinos are highly recommended providing you, the player, with a safe and secure environment and provide you with the latest Irish live casinos games and Irish casino games of chance.

Below you will find a brief explanation of our recommended online casinos. For more details on the casinos themselves you can click on their separate links. These providers include All Irish Casino, Paddy Power, and Ladbrokes.

All Irish Casino

All Irish Casino is a newly established online casino aiming towards casino players from the Republic of Ireland ONLY. A variety of games are being offered and each ones offers a unique gaming experience unlike any other. If you prefer playing games of chance, there is a wide selection available all of which are supplied by Net Entertainment. Also, something unique to All Irish Casino is the fact that it broadcasts live streaming from the land-based Portomaso Casino in Malta; the only Irish Casino that actually does this. Portomaso Casino in Malta is one of the best casinos in Malta and the dealers within its casino are highly trained to provide the best professional service to its players. Now you can have the chance to play with this casino from the comfort of your own home without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Having been granted its licence from the Lotteries and Gaming Authority from the island of Malta, All Irish Casino is constantly reaching to improve its services and is in compliance with the law and regulations of Malta as well as of Ireland. All transactions made between the players and the casino are stored is specially designed servers where no third parties can access. All games and players’ bets/winnings are recorded for statistics’ purposes and are accesses by management and Customer service personnel for players’ assistance. All are done in a state of the art environment and comply with very high standards of the industry.

All Irish Casino is committed to safe, honest and genuine game play. All casino games offered, are tested and use a random number generator and none of the outcomes can be manipulated. The live casino games are simultaneously played with dealers from the Portomaso Casino in Malta. The payout percentage from All Irish Casino is generated monthly by the Gaming Authority and available on request to All Irish Casino players.
Various offers are offered to all first time players or visitors to the website including sign up bonuses, free spins and giving all players a chance to play all their favourite games.

Paddy Power Online Casino

Paddy Power Online Casino is a well-known casino which accommodated not only UK players but also residents from the Republic of Ireland. They are renowned for their fast pay-out methods to registered winning players. Paddy Power is a trustworthy online casino provider who according to the Irish Stock Exchange, is safe and secure thus protecting the interests of the players and their transactions and money.

Any player over the age of 18 will be able to play all their games as long as they have an good internet connection. This means that there is no need to download any games as they can easily be accesses through browsing and therefore there will be no need to imprint any games on your computer (therefore using up the computer’s memory) allowing a player to access their account from any computer, anywhere. Therefore it is as easy as pie for any player who wishes to do so as well for anyone who may not be as advantageous in computer knowledge. From a click of a button any player can access hundreds of games which are easy to follow from the comfort of any living area.

Paddy power has come with a new loyalty programme called ‘The Casino Club.’ Any player can become a member by just earning a specific number of points and eventually converting them into cash, automatically becomes a member. This gives the player the opportunity to reach various levels in the Casino Club including the VIP level where a player will be automatically be upgraded to as soon as he/she passes through the various other levels. By becoming a member of this club, the players are given a number of rewards including bonuses which benefit the player and increase the players’ chance of winning big at Paddy Power Online Casino. You may visit the link to the Paddy Power website through our website for further details on the new offers being offered.


Ladbrokes has now become almost a household name for online gaming enthusiasts. It is one of the oldest names in the industry although it was established as an online casino approximately 10 years ago making it relatively new. However as a name Ladbrokes has been around as far back as the 19th century. Ladbrokes not only accommodates players in the UK and the Republic of Ireland but it also operates in various other European countries and provides services in various currencies including the Euro.

Apart from the online casino games and games of chance, Ladbrokes is proud to offer Sports betting and even an original version of betting on TV show outcomes. It also offers a variety of Poker games, Bingo, Financial Betting, Lotto and Backgammon. When it comes to Poker, Ladbrokes casino offers a wide variety of table stakes to suit every different type of player and their finances. Ladbrokes also offers its players the chance to play in Poker tournaments including satellite entry to some of the most important major tournaments including the Irish poker festival. Should a player feel the need to learn more about the exciting game of Poker, Ladbrokes is one of the only online casinos that offers a very good school to explain the game of Poker. Among the various games on offer in the online casino, Ladbrokes offers many fun-loving ulterior to table games including dice games, Quiz games, Keno, Hi-Lo, Deal or No Deal, scratch cards, arcade games and many more.

Ladbrokes online Casino offers a whole a new world to online gaming; as long as a player is over the age of 18 years, there is a vast opportunity to play any of the games he/she likes in a world where the fun never stops.