Irish Online Casinos

Have you ever considered why any Irishmen would choose to play and gamble on an online casino rather than in a land based casino? Well there are a few things that make online casinos more beneficial which we would like to draw your attention to. Due to its popularity and success, online gambling proves to be advantageous in many different ways including the fact that playing online can be just as enjoyable nowadays as being inside a land based casino. We know however that with the endless choices of online casinos in the internet world, it is sometimes hard to browse through all of them in order to make a decision as to which would benefit you, the player, the most. Therefore, in order to help you out, we have helped minimise your searching by providing you with a list of the Best Irish Casinos dedicated to players from the Republic of Ireland.

Online casinos’ websites comprise of the latest graphics software and all that they require is a good internet connection and browser; therefore the best ones are the ones where downloading is not a requirement. The recommended casinos being mentioned on our website simply require a good internet browser and the player is set to begin playing immediately upon selection of his/her favourite games.

Irish Live casino is gaming and interaction with a real land-based casino via your internet browser through a real-time connection. All this is done through the streaming made from the land-based casino which is then transmitted onto your computer screen. The experience is just as good as playing in a real live casino with real players and dealers in real time without having to miss out on a real casino environment. The best thing about it is that there is always place for the player to join the table in the live games; unlike the experience some may have in land-based casinos where players will be unfortunate enough to find the tables full and having to wait.

These online casinos appeal to different users with different finances and who favour different games and the ones we have listed on our site are dedicated or accept residents from the Republic of Ireland.

We would now like to go into further detail in explaining to you further the advantages to our Best Irish casinos:


Everybody knows that the biggest gambling cities in the world are Las Vegas and Atlantic City in the USA that offer a player a great experience but the problem is that they are just too far and expensive to get to. Even travelling to the nearest casino in Ireland may be too much of an expense and not convenient to get to. So why not cut on the costs and still get a similar if not better gaming experience from the comforts of your own home. As long as you have a computer and a good internet connection and you are over 18 years old, you are eligible to play online.

Various Games

Apart from providing you the best recommended online casinos for Irish players, online casinos also offer a variety of Irish live casino games including live games of roulette, blackjack and baccarat (puntobanco) as well as games of chance. You will also find virtual Irish Casino games such as poker, slots varying from 3 and 5 reel games, table games: blackjack, roulette, baccarat (puntobanco) and innovative new games such as scratch cards, Keno, Bingo, arcade games, sports betting and many more.


Although land-based casinos do offer special offers, they are unable to give out as many offers and bonuses as online casinos thus making online casinos that much more advantageous. Since the online gambling industry is so competitive, many online casinos will offer lots of impressive bonuses in order to entice players making it better for any player. These bonuses are usually offered when signing up for the first time such 100% or even 200% of a player’s first deposit, and additional bonuses may be given when a players makes his/her first deposit. Also, the online casinos offer bonuses such as scatter and free spins (in the case of slots) within the games themselves as attractive special offers which can boost a player’s winnings’ ratio and therefore increasing overall withdrawals.

Free Play

Unlike land-based casinos, most online casinos offer their players the chance to still play their Irish online games without having to use real money. Should a player be unsure as to which game may benefit him/her in the long run or is unsure of how the game is played before committing to it, online casinos provide solution for these players by providing them with virtual money. By basically test-running the gambling websites and their games; it therefore gives a player the opportunity to do so until he/she finds the Best Irish casino suitable to his/her likings. Then a player can either have the choice of using his/her own money in most cases knowing what to expect or just continue playing with virtual money just for the fun of the game.


Although many players sometimes have queries about the online gaming safety and security especially when it comes to giving out personal and financial information, all websites recommended to you by Irish Casinos are secure and safe and meet the highest standard in the industry. It is in the best interest of the online casinos to safeguard their players’ information and operate fairly as stated in the law and these casinos do so, so as to even safeguard their own credibility. Making the player happy and comfortable is the number one rule in online gaming. However it is important that each player reads the terms and conditions of each online casino especially when it comes to disclosing personal information so that there are no surprises.